Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take reservations?

No. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a table at any particular time because our turnover is unpredictable. We do, however, have a waiting list you can add yourself to in advance (See Question 2).

Is there a waiting list?
Yes! If the cafe is full when you come in, we can add your party to our waiting list. You may also call us ahead of time to add your party to the list. If there is a table available at the time you requested, we will call to notify you. If you don't hear from us it means the cafe is full... don't worry, we will call you when a table is free! We will hold the table for you for about twenty minutes to give you time to get here. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by cool cafes, adorable bookstores and delicious food that you can enjoy if you are in the area.
Do you have ______________ game?

Maybe, check out the list of games on the Games page. If you know a game that you think we should get, you can leave a suggestion on the Contact Us page.

Do you take debit?
Yes! (with no additional fees)
Do you take credit?
Not at this time.
How much is the cover charge?
$4.42, plus tax = $5.00. Per person.
How long is cover valid for?
In general, cover is valid FOREVER! (Forever, in this case, means until we close for the day.)
Do you teach games?
We do! And love to do it. There is always a skilled, professional board game teacher on staff in the cafe who will be happy to walk you through how to play the newest brain-busting euro game, or give you a refresh on just how Pictionary works again. They are way more fun, and attractive, than reading a rulebook.
Do you sell games?
Yes again! You're great at asking questions. We have a collection of our favourite and most popular games for sale in the cafe. We don't have anywhere near the number that are on our shelves to play, but if you are looking for something specific feel free to call us and we can check for you.
Every time I show up you guys are packed! When are the less busy times that I can come in?
Friday and Saturday evenings are super busy times for us and it breaks our heart every time we have to turn someone away. If you are looking for slower times where you are sure to get a table and more of our attention, try to come in during the day, before 6. Or try Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday evenings which are regularly less busy.